http://auditdefender.com/credentials/attachment/ orlistat lesofat price Guiding people from their twenties to their nineties on how to be the healthiest they can be to get the most out of life

source site Dr. Sedlak knows that if you don’t have the health you want, your life will be limited and you may not be able to do what matters most in your life.

She educates and empowers people to be pro-active in the prevention of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancers, and many other chronic ailments.

At age 17 she experienced an awakening to her life’s calling when a neighbor came to visit her mother to say that after a 2 year journey of being on a nutritional program the kidney cancer she had been diagnosed with was gone. She immediately said “That’s what I want to do in life. I want to help people ward off diseases through nutrition.”

That is where her journey began. Her aim, then and now, is to educate people concerning how they can attain and maintain their perfect weight and health through the right nutrition.

She is a Doctor of Chiropractor, a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist, and holds a Master’s Degree in Nutritional Biochemistry. She has had over 30 years of clinical practice, taught nutrition courses at several colleges, and has lectured throughout the US and Canada on nutrition.

Dr. Sedlak has guided thousands of people through the programs she has develop to change their body and their health permanently so they can fulfill their God given purpose in life. Her programs have enabled people to get their self-esteem back, have increased energy that last the whole day, develop the confidence to lose weight and keep it off, and stop worrying about their health. Some of her programs are: “The Belly Fat Solution”, “30 Days to Jumpstart your Metabolism”, and “Extreme Metabolism Makeover”. Her website www.nutritionwithdoc.com contains a special “get you started” free report, recipes, and recent blog posts filled with bottom line tips on how to get your health and weight on track.

Dr. Sedlak is the author of the forthcoming book “The 10 Commandments for Permanent Weight Loss”.

You can contact Dr. Sedlak at contact@nutritionwithdoc.com